Te i’a ota, Tahitian marinated fish

Te i'a ota 1-2Autumn is among us, which means that soup season is officially on. Which is why I was craving something fresh and summer-y.

Yes, I know, it makes no sense when it’s cold and damp outside. But fear not, that does not mean I’m having sauerkraut in the dead of summer! Let’s not overdo it!

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Tomato tarte tatin

Tatin2-2I really wish I could find some witty, fancy, catchy introductory line to this article to make you want to click that « Read More » button, but I can’t find any… All I can really think of is the smell in the entire house while this beauty was baking and how there was not a crumb of it left within half an hour…

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Greece : peasant salad

Salade grecqueI’m taking advantage of my stay in Greece, which just began, to dive into one of my favourite dishes when the sun starts shining: peasant salad, also known as Greek salad.
It’s simple, fresh, tasty … like a beautiful summer day! Enjoy on the balcony, by the beach, with the cicadas singing …

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