Waffles for a rainy day

Gaufres 1

So this is not the post I was quite hoping for. In fact, I had aimed for something entirely different … until one of my ingredients decided it take a bow.

What happens is, last weekend, my parents and brother-in-law somehow decided to throw me some curveballs. Lire la suite

The tale of the elusive marshmallow

Having just started into the “food blogosphere” I’m not quite sure how posting about your failed attempts at a recipe will be received, or even if it is advised at all, but I think it’s important to know that, no, all food bloggers are not necessarily experts, especially new bloggers like myself. We’re still learning along the way and this is what happened with my first attempt at confectionery.

Here’s the tale of the elusive marshmallow (and the lesson I learnt).

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Scottish Shortbreads


Last night, I was re-watching season 1 of The Great British Bake Off. The second bake off takes place in Scotland and the theme was biscuits with, of course, the famous shortbreads as a signature bake.

I won’t lie, shortbreads are by far my favourite biscuits. So I decided to bake some this Sunday.

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