Blog anniversary and Gordon Ramsay’s chocolate and pistachio semifreddo

GRsmfrd4In every job that must be done

There is an element of fun

You find the fun and snap!

The job’s a game!

I’m a big fan of Mary Poppins. The Disney version, at least. And I couldn’t find anything better than the opening lines for A Spoonful Of Sugar to describe what the past year has been like.

One year ago today, I clicked that button that created, and it has been one very unexpected yet fun ride. I was reflecting on that recently, and I realised how much I am enjoying it.

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Coconut lime ice cream

Cocolime 1For most people of Christian confession, August 15th is a major holiday. In my mix-and-match family, not so much. It’s not even anyone’s name day. We still make it a family gathering around a nice lunch.

I hadn’t planned on making another ice cream so soon, but this one was a special order from (other) coconut fanatics. This time around, I chose to put a spin on my recipe with the use of fresh coconut and adding lime. It was quite nice and quite refreshing. Lire la suite

Peach sorbet

Sorbet pêche 1-2Hello everyone!! I’m back!! Well, sort of… we seem to have some territoriality issues with the kitchen :-/ Anyway, sometimes we manage to work things out or, more precisely, whip something up. Like a gorgeous, sweet, tangy and refreshing peach sorbet.

And that, my friends, considering the local temperature (34°C/93°F), is just what the doctor ordered … OK, maybe not, but I’m pretty sure he would agree and have some too!

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