Almond butter cookies

abc5What if I told you you could make cookies from scratch in 20 minutes and with only 3 ingredients? OK, fine, 15 minutes. Tops! I promise!

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Cookies by Pierre Hermé

Cookies1-2Today, I have decided to step into the kitchen. I know, you’re probably telling yourself “this is a cooking blog, isn’t this normal?” And you’d be quite right. I fact, I should say that I am participating in the Un Tour En Cuisine project.

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Scottish Shortbreads


Last night, I was re-watching season 1 of The Great British Bake Off. The second bake off takes place in Scotland and the theme was biscuits with, of course, the famous shortbreads as a signature bake.

I won’t lie, shortbreads are by far my favourite biscuits. So I decided to bake some this Sunday.

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