Nutella frangipane empanadas

Empanadas4-2Did you know today was World Nutella Day? Yup! It’s that one day when you can eat all the Nutella you want, any way you want it, and no one can tell you anything! Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

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Sweden: St. Lucia saffron buns

Lussekatter1Will you have some buns? Saffron buns, I mean.

In Sweden, and other Scandinavian countries, saffron rolls are baked only during the Christmas holidays, starting with St. Lucia’s Day on December 13th, also known as the Festival of Light.

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China: Mantou steamed buns

Mantou 1-2For today’s Sunday baking post, I decided to go into what is for me uncharted territory: Chinese cuisine. While I do enjoy eating Chinese, it’s not a cuisine I ever tried doing. I think the subtlety of flavours is kind of intimidating. To me, at least.

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Easy bread rolls

bread rolls 3I have been meaning to make a Sunday Baking post for a while, but it seems that I am suffering from a bad case of goldfish, also known as I-knew-I-had-to-do-something-but-I-can’t-remember.

It suddenly hit me yesterday when I realized I was out of bread for breakfast. Thankfully, the pantry was not out of bread basics so I was able to make those rolls. Lire la suite

Spinach Pizza Dough

Spinach pizza dough-1I was quite seriously considering another theme post, involving today’s World Cup final. I had even found a nice combination of German and Argentinean recipes. But it’s monsoon season here, and I don’t feel brave enough to go out in the rain and pick up the missing ingredients.

So I figured I’d make something that will finally conjure up summer: spanakopizza, as my dad called it. Otherwise known as spinach pizza dough.

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Twisted Pesto Bread

Pain pesto1

I have to admit I have an obsession with bread. Not just eating, but making it too. Or maybe is it an obsession with making (almost) everything from scratch. The truth is, while I find nothing particularly fun or therapeutic about kneading a bread dough for 10 minutes, I like watching it rise, I like the smell of warm bread spreading through the house, I like tapping underneath a loaf for that hollow sound meaning the bread is baked through, I like the anticipation of cutting into it and tasting to see if I nailed it…

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