Brazil: Beijinhos de coco (coconut kisses)


So apparently the Football World Cup kicks off today… Were you aware of that?

Yes, I know, that is a stupid question… that was kind of my goal… <- notice the lame puns: kick off… football… goal… OK, I’ll stop!

The truth is, I don’t like football (probably much to the chagrin of my friend Priscilla), but I needed an excuse to present to you these little brazilian gems, and that’s the most credible and news-related excuse I found. Shame on me… or not!!

Makes about 20 beijinhos

  • 150g/5.3 oz. grated coconut, preferably fresh
  • 200ml sweetened condensed milk (approx. 300g/10.5 oz.)
  • 15g/0.53 oz. butter

In a small pan, heat the condensed milk and butter over medium-low heat, stirring constantly for about 20 minutes. You want your milk to thicken and slightly caramelize, but not stick to the bottom of your pan or turn into dulce de leche.

Remove from the heat and add 100g/3.5 oz. coconut. Mix well.

Allow to cool slightly before forming truffle-sized balls. You’ll need your mix to still be on the warm side to form the balls because once it’s cooled, it solidifies and is difficult to work with.

Roll the truffles in the remaining coconut. (note: you can also lightly toast the remaining coconut – I think it will add a nice extra layer of flavour as well as give the truffles an attractive finish)

Beware: beijinhos do not store for too long!! (read: they’ll disappear fast 😉 )

Bon appétit!

2 réflexions sur “Brazil: Beijinhos de coco (coconut kisses)

  1. Not only looks lovely but is too, indeed! I tried them, so easy to make, very tasty and much less sweet than one would think. A good idea for a homemade present. And no doubt a lot better than the look-alike industrial balls made by a well-known multinational….

    • Thanks a lot, Belinda 🙂
      They are indeed very easy to make. I hadn’t thought of giving them away as presents, but that is an excellent idea. Thank you!!
      I am considering trying again by adding some or dipping them into melted chocolate. So black and white should make for a more impressive edible gift, don’t you think?

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