Greece : peasant salad

Salade grecqueI’m taking advantage of my stay in Greece, which just began, to dive into one of my favourite dishes when the sun starts shining: peasant salad, also known as Greek salad.
It’s simple, fresh, tasty … like a beautiful summer day! Enjoy on the balcony, by the beach, with the cicadas singing …

For 1 person, you’ll need: 1 tomato, cucumber, about a quarter of a green pepper bell, onion, feta cheese, olives (preferably black), oregano, olive oil. AND THAT’S ALL!!!
Let’s be clear, there’s no lettuce in Greek salad!!

Recipes vary depending on the region but, in general, the one difference is in the cheese, with each region using their own goat’s or sheep’s cheese (such as halloumi in Cyprus, local mizithra, etc…). Therefore, only exceptionally shall I tolerate that you use any other cheese, but only sheep’s, goat’s or a mix of both. But no other!!! There is no such thing as cow’s feta, so if you find any, don’t even consider adding it to your salad!! Same goes for your emmental, gruyère or cheddar. Forget about them!!


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